Friday, December 14th, 2012

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Grant gives allergy kits wings to help
Charity launches programme for Auckland schools with aid of $10,000 donation. It can be stressful sending your child to school and not knowing if they will be able to avoid the food they are allergic to or if staff know what to do in an emergency. Penny Jorgensen, CEO, Allergy NZ Having an allergic reaction at school can be a frightening experience for children and teachers alike, so knowing what to do and having the equipment to help a child is essential.

Mum’s rare rash caused by an allergy… to her own baby
Zuleika Closs, 26, developed a burning, itchy rash all over her body while pregnant with her son Emmanuel. Baffled doctors wrongly diagnosed her with a severe case of scabies and one former nurse even suggested she bathe in BLEACH to get rid the infectious skin disease. Four months after giving birth, the rash is now fading but she will be left with the scarring on her body.

Hidden holiday allergy triggers: How to stay protected
Health warnings during the holiday season often focus on reducing stress or curbing how much people are eating and drinking, but for the millions of Americans who suffer from allergies, the holidays could carry a whole host of health risks. “Pre-treatment before symptoms begin is a secret to success,” he says.

Bill Crystal has wheat allergy
Actor Billy Crystal has switched up his diet after discovering he is allergic to wheat products. The Princess Bride star had been struggling with intestinal problems for several weeks earlier this year (12), and medics determined Crystal’s body was unable to digest all things containing wheat, such as pasta and bread.

New device detects allergy-causing ingredients in food via phone app
A new device can tell whether a food product contains ingredients that can cause allergy. The device attaches itself to a phone and uses an application to test whether the food is safe to eat. The device has been developed by researchers from University of California, Los Angeles.

Coroner urges reform after nut allergy death
The family of a Sydney schoolboy who died after a eating a walnut biscuit say they hope the findings of the coroner will help ensure a similar tragedy does not happen again. NSW Coroner Mary Jerram made three recommendations when she handed down her findings into the death of 16-year-old Raymond Cho. The Ashfield Boys High School student died in May last year after eating the biscuit a friend had baked in a cooking class.

New rules as allergy epidemic hits kids
Babies will be fed solid foods sooner under new health guidelines in a bid to slow an alarming surge in the number of children with life-threatening food allergies. Researchers are baffled by a 20-year surge in the number of Australian children with food allergies. But many now suspect that delayed weaning – and therefore delayed exposure to different foods – plus a lack of vitamin D from sunlight and hyper-cleanliness could be overstimulating children’s allergic reaction.

Research and markets: Grass pollen allergy – Pipeline Review, H2 2012
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Global Markets Direct’s new report “Grass Pollen Allergy – Pipeline Review, H2 2012″ to their offering.

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