Sunday, December 9th, 2012

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Urban lifestyle leading to rise in asthmatic children: World Allergy Organisation
Asthma in children is increasing alarmingly in India with at least 15% rise mainly in big metros in thelast 10 years,the WorldAllergy Organisation (WAO ) said. With global warming, increase in pollution and change in lifestyle, the number of asthmatic children has doubled globally compared to what it was in the initial years of the millennium, said Ruby Pawankar, president of WAO on Saturday.

Life-threatening asthma and allergy attacks linked to exposures to mold after floods and storms
After Hurricane Sandy, residents and business owners in Brooklyn were clearing out their homes and buildings in hopes of avoiding mold. Serious respiratory problems, including severe asthma and allergy attacks that can be life-threatening, have been associated with exposures to mold after floods and storms.

Kids’ allergy epidemic alarm as food reactions soar
Victoria’s biggest children’s hospital is rolling out a program to rapidly train general practitioners in diagnosing and treating food allergies in order to try to reduce burgeoning waiting lists. Murdoch Childrens Research Institute allergist Professor Katie Allen said antibiotics and the good public health outcomes associated with increased urbanisation had a dark side.

Mosquitoes cause allergy too
After spreading life-threatening diseases like dengue and malaria, mosquitoes are now causing severe allergies. Researches in East and West Godavari and Krishna districts show a spurt in mosquito allergy, with people reporting blistering rashes and large swellings after mosquito bite. Mosquito bite generally causes simple itchy red bump, but in some people, it causes severe allergic reaction that require medical attention. Mosquito allergy is more among people in Krishna region, owing to the presence of vast stretches of stagnant water. Cockroach allergy too was found in the Godavari districts.

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