Saturday, December 8th, 2012

by slashallergies

WAO urges governments to check allergy-related problems
The World Allergy Organisation has advised governments to check the rise of allergy-related health problems by reducing pollution, making drugs accessible and affordable to all, as well as promoting research. The WAO, which is presently organising its International Scientific Conference here, has published a ‘white book’ which calls upon governments to take steps to reduce the spread of allergic diseases.

All about allergy shots
Allergy shots—which are also known as immunotherapy—are a series of scheduled injections designed to desensitize you to specific allergens, substances that trigger an allergic response.

Sioux City School District does its best to accomodate food allergies
Eating food that touched a gluten product could trigger severe digestive upset in a child with food allergies, while a tablespoon of peanut butter could lead them to break out into hives, wheeze and ultimately lose consciousness.

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