Friday, December 7th, 2012

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Cedar season draws near
“We’re expecting a worse cedar season than usual, because dry weather is predicted during the season. So with a drier winter, if it’s windier, lots more pollen gets into the air, which means it can get into our eyes and nose more,” said Dr. Howland.

Can allergy tests give false negatives?
He said its hard to diagnose since they can’t get a completely accurate reading since my skin is sensitive and I react to everything. And the blood test can’t be accurate until I’m reaction free for three weeks but I can’t be if I don’t know what to be careful around. (besides apples and cinnamon). All the doctors say that seems to be what I’m allergic to so why us my blood test reading negative?

Tips for traveling safely with your food-allergic child
Traffic delays, long wait times and hungry little tummies – for all the rewards of spending time with your children, traveling with kids can be a challenge. But when the child has food allergies, those challenges can start to look like insurmountable – and even life-threatening – obstacles.

Health briefing: Suffering from rare spice allergy
According to US allergists at the recent American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Annual Scientific Meeting in Anaheim, California, that is the world for 2% to 3% of individuals living with a spice allergy.

The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI) promotes NEA HIN Publication, “The Food Allergy Book – What School Employees Need to Know
“We are enthused about this publication of the NEA HIN, and are pleased to join them in raising awareness of food allergy in schools,” said Allen Rathey, president and founder of The Healthy Facilities Institute (HFI). “This easy-to-read guide lays out a plan and examples for all to follow, and concisely addresses an under-publicized area of concern for facility professionals and others.”

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